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Hermann Groeneveld

Baltrum Photos

Black and White Photographs of the East Frisian island Baltrum

My partners on Baltrum

A small selection of partners that allow me to come to the island and feel comfortable there.

Baltrum Line

The reliable ferry connection from Neßmersiel to Baltrum and back.


Baltrum Spa & Remedy Center

The healing powers of nature, site-specific remedies and excellent care by Rolf-Willi Hackemack.

Spa & Remedy Center
(Website available in German only.)

Die Seeterasse (The Lake Terrace)

The enchanting island house with bright, lovingly furnished vacation apartments is located near the west head of the island, embedded in wild roses and dunes, not far from the beach promenade. Gesa Puls cares for the well-being of her guests.

Lake Terrace
(Website available in German only.)

Heimathafen Baltrum (Home Port Baltrum)

Baltrums island galley and dune bar. Day & and evening restaurant with a colorful variety of food and drinks. Landlord Kai Schalkowski personally served at the bar and always has a cheerful saying ready for his guests.

(Website available in German only.)

Kleine Freiheit (Little Freedom)

Experience a 'little freedom' in a cosy smokers' and soccer pub on Baltrum: With tasty beverages in the interior and external area let end the vacation day and look thereby soccer, with Maureen Schalkowski.

(Website available in German only.)

Restaurant zum Seehund (Restaurant Seal)

Best fried potatoes of Baltrum. And many delicious meat and fish dishes and vegetarian food. The nimble Martina Gray reads each guest's wish from their eyes.

(Website available in German only.)

Café Kluntje

A truly historic island house has been transformed into a stylish café, where you can take a seat in venerable sofas, just like in grandma's parlor. And best of all, order East Frisian tea with East Frisian cake.

Café Kluntje
(Website available in German only.)

Rose Garden

Away from the bustling western village, a little hidden in the pine forest of the island lies a small spa park, the Rose Garden, which is maintained by volunteers from Baltrum. It invites you to linger and to relax.

Rose Garden
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